WATCH: Randall King Updates "Urban Cowboy" With Spicy New Video "You In A Honkytonk"

Randall King: "You just can't go wrong with sexy country."

Randall King thinks it's his job to keep people two-stepping on the dancefloor and his new song and video – "You In A Honkytonk" – aim to do just that.

"You In A Honkytonk" is a popular track from King's 2022 album "Shot Glass," and the Amarillo, Texas, native wanted to create a video with as much enthusiasm as fans have for the song. To do it, he turned to the location of his first headlining show in Tennessee, Cahoots Dancehall & Honkytonk in Lebanon, Tennessee – as well as to TikTok.

Two dancers from the LonestarTequilaBar TikTok account created what King calls "the sexy thigh dance" that helped blow the song up on TikTok and streaming services. He brought them – and his cousin and her friends on the Texas A&M dance team – up to Lebanon to anchor the "You In A Honkytonk" video with their best boot-scootin' moves.

"This music video is the first time I've had my hands really dug into a video," said the singer. "It was very different. It was a big full production. We had my band on the stage. The dancers crushed it. I wanted to create a video to this song that reflected the song. And to me, this song is a modernized version of the 1980s' Urban Cowboy' film."

King didn't want the video to be too flashy. He asked his friends to sit in the bar, and his girlfriend played the bartender in the music video.

"I'm sitting there just like old times when I was first trying to win her over, just sitting there working the magic on her," King said.

When King thinks about country music, his mind goes to a bar illuminated by neon with cold beer and pretty girls. He got well acquainted with that scene in his college days at Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas. His favorite bar was Wild West, and every Thursday night was college night.

"You would find me there, just dancing my life away," he said. "I just loved it. I think this song integrates a big part of that lifestyle and really shows it off. You just can't go wrong with sexy country. You know what I mean?"

The reason sexy country is a good bet, King said, is because girls will pay to come hear an artist sing a sexy country song. Boys will pay to come see the girls in the audience. But, he adds, if all a singer is drawing is men, it won't work.

"When you've come up the hard way building hard tickets through the bars and honkytonking across the country, you've seen it," he said. "I lived in the bars and went to concerts all the time. If you can draw the girls, you gonna draw the boys. But if all you're drawing is boys, they ain't gonna be drawn."

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