Big & Rich Head West in "California"

New Single and Video Bring Perfect Blend of Sunshine and Heartbreak

Big & Rich are lamenting love lost in their brand new video, and getting that love back will put them up against some heavy competition from the dreamy state of California.

That's right. The gal in the duo's brand new single and video is in "love with California" and runs off to the West Coast to chase her dreams, leaving her man behind.

I can't argue with this decision too much. I've actually thought about running off to California at least twice this year already.

But it is a total bummer for the one left behind, and Big Kenny and John Rich do a jam-up job of putting the feelings to music -- with a killer groove and sharp lyrics, to boot.

Check out the California scenery for yourselves. Now you want to go the beach, too, don't you?

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