Rissi Palmer Surprises Miko Marks With Grand Ole Opry Debut: "A Dream Come True"

Miko Marks will make her Grand Ole Opry debut on Friday, October 14.

After over a decade in the music industry, Miko Marks will officially make her Grand Ole Opry debut.

The genre-bending artist brought her Americana-country sound with a powerful punch of blues to the sacred venue Friday (Aug.12) evening to accompany Rissi Palmer on stage. The "Whiskey River" singer joined Palmer for two songs during her Opry performance.

Together they delivered a touching track called "I'm Still Here," a melody that they co-wrote. Following the ear-pleasing original, the two tackled "Flies On The Butter" by The Judds. Shortly after the tribute to the late Naomi Judd, Palmer asked her friend an essential question.

"So Miko, I have a question for you. Miko, what are you going to sing at your Grand Ole Opry debut on October 14?" said Palmer while jumping up and down.

Marks was too studded to speak, but expressed her excitement and gratitude on social media.

"Last night was a dream come true! Thank you @opry and @rissipalmermusic for giving me one of the best gifts. Those who know me know how much this means to me. It's all still sinking in. Surrounded by family and friends was the best part. I will be performing at the Opry😭."

Notable names within the country music space came out of the woodwork to congratulate the songstress.

"Oh my goodness 💛" said promising new artist Brittney Spencer. "Ahhhh!!! Full-body chills! 😭 😭 😭" shared Emily Robinson. "It's happening!!!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥," added Madeline Edwards.

The CMT's Next Women of Country member is slated to step into the iconic circle on Friday, October 14 – the same day her highly anticipated album, "Feel Like Going Home," will be released. The LP comes on the heels of her critically acclaimed project "Our Country," and EP "Race Records."

Marks is far from a surface-level storyteller, as she uses her knack for songwriting and platform to drive change in the country landscape and society. In "Our Country' which served as her first album in 13 years, addressed gentrification in her hometown and "Mercy" supported victims of violence. Meanwhile, the 2021 six-song roundup "shined a light on the arbitrary divisions forced upon artists and audiences in the early days of music marketing in the 1940s."

Fans will understand Marks on a deeper level after listening to "Feel Like Going Home," as the forthcoming collection will detail where the singer-songwriter has been and where she is going.

With witty wordplay, she will teach valuable lessons and share what she has learned throughout her life. The record will consist of untold tales that she always wanted to tell, but hasn't had the opportunity to vocalize.

"This record is not perfect and clean," Marks previously told People. "It's raw, and it's gritty. It's just honest music, not tweaked and made to sound a certain way," she added.

The fast-rising artist declared that she returned to her "roots" to cultivate the LP. Fans are expected to hear a unique blend of different sounds, as she pulled from various influences.

"This album feels like going home. It's a return to my roots," she confessed to the publication. "It has a lot of gospel and a lot of Southern rock and a lot of blues intertwined with the country because that's who I am. I'm not just one genre. I love everything. And if I can add something from each different genre and make a big gumbo, that's what I am going to do. As artists, we must stir the pot with more and more ingredients. When you do that, it elevates us all."

The innovative artist recently released "One More Night," which serves as a preview to the 11-song project. Until Marks makes her Opry debut with new tracks added to her impressive repertoire, country fans can catch her live on the road. For upcoming appearances, visit

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