Tim McGraw Reveals the Roots of His Sensitive Side

Moving His Daughter Off to College Was Tough for the Star

Damn country music. And damn those Italian and Irish roots.

That’s what Tim McGraw blames his sensitivity on. Because he's part Irish and part Italian, he admits, “I can’t hide my emotions very well."

In a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune, McGraw was talking about letting go of his little girl - his oldest daughter Gracie - when she left for college this fall.

“We were both pretty emotional. I think mine was earlier and (Faith’s) was more in the moment. I got through my emotional part thinking about it ahead of time,” McGraw said. “When it came time to move in and it was all about carrying boxes, I was a little emotional. But I think I got through the emotional part the week before.”

(Imagine moving your own daughter into that same dorm, and not only seeing McGraw, but seeing McGraw crying. You could write a country song right then and there.)

And even though McGraw claims he is an embarrassment to Gracie and her sisters Maggie and Audrey, he's at least cool enough for one collaboration. Gracie sings with her dad on "Here Tonight" from his upcoming album Damn Country Music.

“Gracie’s got a band called Tingo and had been playing in the garage every day. I had her singing in my head from them practicing in my garage. Her voice just kept haunting me," he explained. "I was a little worried about asking her to sing because I’m uncool to her. There’s nothing cool about dad."

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