CMT Roundup: New Music From Brian Kelley, Lainey Wilson, Matt Stell And More

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New country music songs are blooming like the daffodils this week with tracks ranging from Beyonce's headline-making "16 Carriages" and "Texas Hold 'Em" to Lainey Wilson's "Country's Cool Again." Hear these and more on CMT's The Roundup playlist.

Lainey Wilson, "Country's Cool Again": “I’m so excited for everyone to hear ‘Country’s Cool Again.’ This song is a welcome to everyone who’s wanting in on the Western way of life. For a lot of us, Country music isn’t just a genre, it’s our livelihood.” said Wilson. “Thank you to my amazing collaborators and my producer for helping me bring the idea of this song to life. Country’s Cool Again y’all!”

Emily Ann Roberts, "How Do I Live": “I love making my own music, but I’m still such a country music fan at heart. I’m so glad I had so many incredible female vocalists to look up to in this genre. I’ve always been so inspired by the melody and emotion in ‘How Do I Live’ and I loved the opportunity to put my own spin on it. After marrying my high school sweetheart, I can’t imagine my life without him. The words of this song really resonate with me,” Roberts said.

Matt Stell, "Born Lonely": “My parents got divorced not long after I was born. My mom and I moved to Florida, and I spent my childhood splitting time between there and Arkansas – where most of my family still is," Stell said. "I could not ask for better parents, stepparents included. The truth is, though, that being from a broken home had an effect on me especially when it came to relationships. 'Born Lonely’ is about the way I am and why I think I’m that way. It’s also about seeing that same kind of thing in other people.”

Brian Kelley and FLO RIDA, “Feels Right (I Love It)”:“If @briankelley likes it, then FLO RIDA loves it! Did this one for the home turf,” says Flo Rida of his collab with Brian Kelley!"

Breland, "Heartbreak and Alcohol": "It's been a long journey for me blending Country music with other genres, but one thing I always wanted to do is sample something from the Hip-Hop world," BRELAND said. "Lil Wayne, Drake and Future absolutely nailed it the first time with 'Love Me,' and I'm hoping people appreciate the Country spin I've put on it with 'Heartbreak and Alcohol'."

Reid Haughton, "Long Haired Country Boy": “Long Haired Country Boy has been the longest-standing cover in our live show, going back to our early days as a band in Auburn,” said Haughton. “When it came time to make my most recent project, we talked about recording a cover and this song really speaks to who we are as a band. We wanted to do it in a way that hadn’t been done before and I think that’s exactly what we got.”

Dasha, “What Happens Now?” came from a single line in my notes 'What happens now that we're older?' I took the concept to Louis Castle in a session this past summer and I told him I really wanted to write a huge banjo song but that's all I knew,” Dasha explains. “We just took the idea and ran with it. I devised the hook melody on the spot as we cut the verse vocal. I don't even know where the idea came from, sometimes magic just happens and What Happens Now? is one of those songs.”

Sierra Ferrell, "I Could Drive You Crazy": “‘I was hanging out with some friends and we had an idea for a song where you’re telling someone, ‘I’m not good at this and I’m not good at that, but one thing I can do is drive you crazy,’” Sierra Ferrell says. “We decided to put in some audio of my New Year’s Eve crowd at the end, so you can hear them howling on there. I always love getting everyone to howl at my shows—it’s a good, free feeling.”

Albums out today:

Drake Milligan, "Jukebox Songs": “I’m so excited for everyone to hear Jukebox Songs, this project was a labor of love and brought out a new creative side of me,” said Milligan. “As an entertainer, there is nothing I love more than hearing people sing back to me at shows, and I can’t wait to perform these brand-new songs to audiences across the world this year.”

Redferrin, "Old No. 7": “It’s a pretty cool pairing and a really cool vibe, and it feels like all seven songs are really me,” said Redferrin. “I’m talking about White House, Tennessee, and I’m talking about my favorite whiskey. It’s real stories about real heartbreaks. I poured my heart into this music. Honestly can’t believe it’s all happening; this is a dream come true. A sold-out hometown show the night before I drop my first project. Definitely a week I will never forget.”

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