Carrie Underwood Says Her Vegas Residency Gave Her Confidence For The Denim & Rhinestones Tour

Carrie Underwood's recent performances of "Velvet Heartbreak" and "Crazy Angels," will encourage you to buy tickets to her upcoming nationwide trek.

Carrie Underwood recently (June 10) kick-started her "Denim & Rhinestones" era with the release of her 12-song collection, and now she's ready to hit the road. The hitmaker previously caught up with Audacy's Rob + Holly to share that her residency in sin city gave her new profound confidence and to reveal that her children have "terrible taste" in music.

"I feel like being in Vegas and having that show is such a confidence booster as a performer… I feel like some switch flipped and now being on stage is just even more fun than ever," she said to the outlet. "I feel like there's a lot of things I can take from what we did in Vegas, but overall it's just wanting to get out there and just feeling like that's more my happy place than it's ever been before."

The songstress is set to start the trek in October and will hit New York's Madison Square Garden, Nashville's Bridgestone Arena, L.A.'s Arena, and will wrap in Seattle on March 17 with country superstar Jimmie Allen.

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During a recent appearance, Underwood declared that her two children will not be joining in on the multi-city tour, as her oldest, Isaiah (7) is starting second grade.

"My oldest now, he's 7, he'll be in second grade this fall, so I feel like we just kind of want to keep them at home as much as possible," said Underwood to GMA. "But that said, they'll probably come out on the weekends, and I'll be swinging through Nashville quite a bit through the tour, so I'll get to see them and, you know, juggle all the things like we always do."

While leaving her two sons behind may be a difficult decision, Underwood told Audacy that her children don't fully understand her career just yet and confessed that they have "terrible taste in music."

"Isaiah would watch 'Power Rangers,' and then he would be like, 'Can you play a Power Rangers song?' In the car. It is a thing… you can just type in Power Rangers, and lots of stuff will pop up," said Underwood. "We'd go through that phase, we went through 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' songs, just things that he would see on T.V... The kids have terrible taste in music."

Although her boys may not request her recent record anytime soon, Underwood gave them and her devoted fanbase a teaser of what to expect from the tour on GMA. The singer-songwriter streamed in from Nashville for a high-energy performance of "Velvet Heartbreak" and "Crazy Angels."

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Dressed in a diamond-encrusted denim jumpsuit, the eight-time GRAMMY winner took the stage to deliver her relatable banger, "Velvet Heartbreak." The powerhouse vocalist penned the mid-tempo track alongside long-time collaborators David Garcia and Hillary Lindsey.

The earworm displays their witty wordplay, as the protagonist finds themselves in a toxic relationship. Throughout the exhilarating melody – Underwood compares her partner to a store purchase that eventually has to be returned.

"It's like a dress in the store that you can't afford |But you gotta have it | It's gonna be a discount rack, can't take it back | Waitin' to happen | Yeah, it's on you, do what you wanna do | But just know what you're gettin' into | If you slip it on | The new wears off and it won't take long," she belts.

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Shortly after, Underwood shared a show-stopping rendition of her empowerment anthem, "Crazy Angels." The fun and flirty hit gives a friendly nod to her wild side. The way Underwood delivered the catchy chorus with her soaring pipes, proved that the bop is more than ready for her arena run.

Underwood told the morning show that the 12-song collection is a "sing-into-your hairbrush" album. The decorated musician co-wrote 11 of the 12 tracks and served as her first country project since her critically acclaimed 2018 release, "Cry Pretty."

"I am living in this beautiful world of denim and rhinestones. It just makes me happy," shared Underwood. "It's a fun album. It's upbeat. It's positive, we worked really hard on it. It's got some of my favorite songs I have ever written and recorded. I'm just excited that it's finally out and in the world," she added.

Following The Denim & Rhinestones Tour, Underwood will make her way back to the Resorts World Theatre for another leg of her REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency. Tickets are available for purchase, here.

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