The 10 Most Romantic Moments From 'Nashville' Season 5

There's So Much Love This Season

Our Nashville characters have had some serious ups and downs in their love lives over the years, but they have led to some beautiful moments in the new season.

This Valentine's Day, let's celebrate by counting up the most romantic moments so far this season:

Deacon's Surprise

We'd be lying if we said our hearts didn't melt all over the floor when Deacon flew across the country to surprise Rayna when she told him she was scared to fly home.

The Javery Kiss

Following Juliette's plane crash, we worried that she and Avery would struggle to reconnect, but after their visit to the site of the accident, they rekindled their romance in the sweetest way possible.

Gunnar's Lyrics Change-Up

After Scarlett told Gunnar that singing "All of Me" made her want to "slap the living hell" out of him because she knew it wasn't about her, he surprised us all and changed up the lyrics to feature her beautiful blue eyes.

Deacon's Song

Rayna and Deacon butted heads over her idea for a concept album about their history, but he finally showed her how commited he was to the project by serenading her with "Simple as That".


Will and Kevin may not have been destined to be together, but we still aren't over their adorable habit of calling each other "penguin" and touching foreheads, the way real penguins do.

Javery Gets Their Groove Back

Avery was still struggling to be intimate with Juliette after everything that had happened between them, but together they worked through it. And #Nashies around the world cheered!

Clay Meets the Parents

After Maddie laid down the law and told Clay that the only thing holding him back was him, he realized he needed a bold gesture to get her back. Introducing yourself to a girl's parents is definitely bold, and it was so cute!

The Deyna Date

We absolutely adored watching Rayna and Deacon have a fun date night where they could just be themselves.

Juliette and Avery Go To Church

At first Avery was a little confused by Juliette's new found religious interests, but they had a very cute moment when he accompanied her to Hallie's church for the first time and saw how much it meant to her.

Our Favorite Hurricane

Rayna and Deacon hit several emotional roadblocks on their journey to write a song for their concept album, but "My Favorite Hurricane" was well worth the trouble. It perfect describes their relationship, and we couldn't love it any more.

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