Hayden Panettiere's Baby, Kaya, Is Adorable

Or Would That Be Juliette Barnes’ Bundle of Joy?

Wait. If Wladimir Klitschko is posting photos of Hayden Panettiere’s new baby girl, does that mean that he’s the father and not Avery Barkley?

Oh, wait. My bad. I keep confusing Nashville life with real life.

This baby girl is, in real life, Kaya Evdokia Klitschko. Real-life parents? Ukrainian heavyweight professional boxer Klitschko and Panettiere, his fiancee. No, not Barkley and Juliette Barnes.

And Klitschko just shared the first adorable candid Instagram shot of the couple’s 1-month-old bundle of joy. It’s just Klitschko holding Kaya on his lap, with a fresh-faced and smiling Panettiere by his side.

There was no caption, because come on, new parents have their hands full already and can’t always make time for clever photo captions. But he did hashtag the photo with "#family #klitschko and #NewYear.

It’s a candid shot, not a posed one with perfect lighting and full makeup on the whole family. Those went up on Christmas.

All of these baby images are just making me more and more impatient to see what Mr. and Mrs. Avery Barkley's baby looks like when he/she is born in an upcoming Nashville episode when the show resumes Feb. 4.

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