Tim McGraw Puts Family First on Newest Collaboration

"Diamond Rings and Old Barstools" Features His Cousin

Have you heard the female voice on Tim McGraw’s new single, "Diamond Rings and Old Barstools”? It’s his cousin, Catherine Dunn.

The singer-songwriter is McGraw's mother Betty's little sister Gina's daughter. (I know. It's a little complicated, just like any family can be.) But Dunn and McGraw sound so good together -- obviously like family.

And that's exactly what McGraw says he loves about the song written by Luke Laird and Barry Dean.

"I love just great country melodies,” he says. “But I love doing them with a bite and an edge to it. I love singing that kind of stuff, and that stuff just comes so naturally for me to sing."

But the best part of the video interview is the way he explains who his duet partner is.

"My cousin Catherine Dunn is singing on the record with me," he says. “And she's a great singer. And she’s my mom’s baby sister's daughter, so it sort of keeps it in the family. I hope it’s a big hit record because I'd love for it to be a family kind of thing."

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