Trisha Yearwood's Hope for Mother's Day

Cherishing Time With Garth Brooks' Daughters

Trisha Yearwood has a gig on Mother's Day. She'll be playing a show in Omaha with her husband Garth Brooks at 7 p.m. But maybe, earlier in the day, she'll have a chance to get together with her stepdaughters Taylor, August and Allie.

Yearwood told People that's what she's hoping will happen.

"We really just try to be together. Right now, with Garth and I being on the road and our girls are all in college and grown, so it's harder to get everybody together, so we just cherish those times," she said. "We had a chance to be with them at Easter, so I'm hoping for Mother's Day, but we'll see what happens."

Now that she and Brooks are empty nesters, family get-togethers with all five of them under one roof may be rare, but at least she's always got Garth.

"It's awesome,” Yearwood said. “You know, we are together. We got married 10 years ago, and we said we didn't want to be together to be apart, and so I feel really lucky 'cause I get to tour the world with the love of my life and my best friend.”

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