Thomas Rhett's Current Songwriting Is Inspired by His Daughters' Love of Disney Soundtracks

"The wider you let your brain [be expanded], the farther you can expand your own genre," says the 'Country Again: Side A' singer

While on the 2021 CMT Music Awards red carpet and asked, truthfully, what the hottest song was playing in his house right now was, the artist who just released his EP Country Again: Side A noted something directly in line with being a parent of three daughters all under the age of six:

"Keeping it completely honest? Well, it'd have to be "You're Welcome," from the [2016-released Disney animated film] Moana soundtrack." In breaking down how the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson-voiced lead character's playfully boastful ballad -- and other childlike hits -- have expanded his lyrical and sonic palette, the "To The Guys Who Date My Girls" singer offers fascinating insights.

"It makes me a creative writer. If I only listened to what was happening on country radio right now, I might just keep writing the same thing. But when I hear the Frozen or Coco soundtracks, I get weird inspiration from them. I think that the wider you let your brain [be expanded], the farther you can expand your own genre. In general, watching my kids be hilarious and cute and living life while hearing those songs has given me so many ideas."

Also, regarding his maturation from being a young country artist to a soon-to-be-father of four, Rhett adds, "Life looks a lot different these days. Before I had kids, me and the band would play golf and crack a cold beer at 5:30 p.m. in the afternoon. Now, I'm putting kids to sleep in a bunk on the bus at 8 p.m., then going to play a concert. I can still turn on [my youth] if I have to, but I've definitely matured."

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