Jason Aldean on "Baby-Makin' Music"

Jason Aldean has made sexy music before. Listen to his old duet with Kelly Clarkson "Don't You Wanna Stay" again if you need reminding.

But this? His new song of his takes sexy to the next level. Maybe even the one after that. In fact, Aldean calls "Burnin' It Down" -- and I quote -- "baby-making music."

In a recent radio interview, Aldean said "steamy" is a good word for the new tune about how she's stirrin' up dirty in the back of his mind and she keeps on flirtin' cause she knows that it's workin'.

"That's baby-makin' music, man," Aldean told the morning show team at KNCI in Sacramento, California.

And he admits the new song is a bit different than his past 20 radio singles.

"One of the things that we put in it -- that we've never really used before -- is we put a drum loop in it. Just adding something as simple as that can give a song a completely different sound," he said. "I don't want to feel like I'm going in and cutting the same records over and over. So to be able to come out and cut songs like this, to me, it's exciting."

Aldean also talked about his recent trip to a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Nashville for a little day drinking with Kenny Chesney. He thinks he picked up the tab, but his memory is foggy. What he does remember, though, is that he almost missed his ride to his next tour stop.

"We were just hanging, man. Talking about the beach and, I don't know, sports and all kinds of stuff," Aldean said. "I ended up being a little late for bus call."

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