Lauren Akins Turns To Social Media For Help After Hilarious "Mom Life" Video – WATCH

Lauren Akins seeks advice while detangling a ‘knotty’ situation.

Country hitmaker Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins have always been transparent with fans about their personal life and tight-knit family. While they are usually photographed walking a star-studded red carpet or enjoying a lavish getaway – Lauren Akins recently proved that their everyday life is not all glitz and glam.

On Jan. 31, Akins took to Instagram seeking advice from other mothers after getting herself into a slight "knot" of a situation. The mother of four young girls – Willa Gray, 6, Ada James, 4, Lennon Love, 1, and newborn Lillie Carolina had her hand's full catering to three of the four who had fallen ill.

As the two oldest stayed back from school, Akins kept them entertained by allowing them to brush through her hair while she fed the baby. The fun-filled activity took a slight turn for the worst when the comb got caught between her lushes locks.

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"While I was feeding the baby, I was gonna let the older two brush my hair," shared Akins in a recent Instagram video. "Well, I did let them brush my hair, and, um, they attempted to curl it," she added while displaying the hair dread created by her lovely ladies.

Within the short clip, the influencer turned author shared that she was home alone during the hair fiasco. While Akins gave her followers a play-by-play of what happened, you can hear one of her little ones running around in the background and shouting, "all done."

"HELP. ME. Shout out to any moms who are on the struggle bus today. I'm right there with ya… I've tried to break the comb, but it's too bendy… I'd love to NOT have to cut my hair🤪 any suggestions? I might just wait until someone can come over and help me. 😂💇🏼‍♀‍ #momlifeissthebestlife," she captioned the relatable video.

It wasn't long until other mothers flooded the comment section with valuable advice. "Conditioner and then leave it until it falls out – it will work! Happened to me," revealed a fan. "Cut/ break the individual teeth; otherwise, the hair will continue to tangle around and through them. Oil may be useful towards the end," said another.

Her megastar husband even chimed in, "I leave for 2 hours…" Rhett noted in pure shock. Just a few hours later, Akins gave her followers a hysterical update and exposed a carousel of photos that demonstrated the long and rigorous process.

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"Update from my mom diary this morning: FREEDOM!!!! ** DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME** shout out the greatest mother-in-law and friends a girl could have 🥰🥰🥰, trusting April and ELbia with my life with that knife so close to my head – & Paige with the box cutter haha," she gushed full of gratitude and relief.

Thankfully, Akin's support team that served as her go-to hair hero's did not have to cut too much off, as they had a strategic plan of action when approaching the incident. "I only lost a little bit of hair, J insta peeps – thanks for ALL of y'all's ideas and encouragement, here's the play by play just in case any of y'all find yourselves in the same predicament," she added.

Lauren is seen sprawled out on the floor with her long hair on a cutting board with a sharp knife and box cutter close by in the Instagram post. This is not Lauren and Rhett's first hair debacle, as Willa Gray recently played "hair salon" with the "Angels" singer.

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"Willa gray really wanted to dye my hair orange today, so…," shared Thomas Rhett on Instagram under an outrageous photo showing off his new hairdo. "GO BIG ORANGE 🍊 🍊 🍊,' commented Russel Dickerson. "Tell me you're a good dad, without telling me you're a good dad," said country rising star Noah Hicks.

While juggling being the ultimate girl dad and husband, Rhett carefully crafted his sixth studio album. The 15-track project will drop in April of 2022 and will feature Riley Green, Tyler Hubbard, Russell Dickerson, and pop artist Katy Perry.

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