Tim McGraw's Seven Simple Rules

The Playbook for Dating His Daughters

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have three beautiful daughters, Gracie, 17, Maggie, 16 and Audrey, 13.

But you know what comes with beautiful daughters? A long line of guys who want to date them.

So when McGraw was on Extra, he told Mario Lopez exactly what needs to happen if you want to take one of the McGraw girls out for the evening.

McGraw’s dating rules are as follows:

1. “They have to come to the house.”

2. “They have to meet me.”

3. “They have to pick them up.”

4. “They have to come inside.”

5. “They have to talk to me.”

6. “They have to talk to their mom.”

7. “No honking and running out.”

He also joked that he usually has a sledgehammer on his shoulder when guys come over because “I want it to be visceral.”

So, you’re welcome, teenage boys of Nashville. At least now you know what you’re getting into when you ask a McGraw girl out.

You can see for yourself just how beautiful McGraw and Hill’s daughters are in this photo he posted on Twitter.

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