Luke Combs Serenades Cancer Warrior With "Better Together" At A Sold-Out Show

Luke Combs helps a teenager with cancer with her bucket list – watch!

A 17-year-old female battling cancer did not need a magic genie or fairy godmother to make her country music dream a reality.

Luke Combs granted a fearless fighter named Addison (Addi) and her family tickets to his sold-out show in Columbus, Ohio over the weekend (July 23). Addi is currently undergoing treatment for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) at the City of Hope in California. High on the west coast teenager's bucket list was to meet and see the multi-platinum performer in person. Once her wish reached Combs, he flew her clan out to the Buckeye State for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

"You see our girl has a bucket list of all the things she wants to do and see," shares Addison's mother, Staci Conely on Facebook. "One of her wishes was to meet and go to a Luke Combs concert, where he would sing her favorite song. This week with the help of some pretty amazing people, this happened. Our friend Aerica and her beautiful daughters reached out to everyone they knew to see if they could get the attention of Luke Combs or someone on his team to make this so far away dream a reality for our girl," she explained.

Conely said she worked closely with the hitmaker's camp to arrange the unexpected trip. She revealed that Combs invited not only her husband and daughter out to the festival, but her entire family.

"We have a BIG family, and we're able to bring half of us out to see him and his incredible team. Say what? More than just Chris or I get to take Addi. We were so thankful and honestly speechless," she wrote before detailing about their smooth travel to the Midwest. "We arrived at the Columbus, Ohio airport on Friday afternoon where we were greeted by a driver named Dan who took us to our hotel and then said he would be taking us to and from the concert, and then back to the airport on Sunday morning. Again we are completely blown away by how everything has been taken care of, every last detail."

Conely shared that they had "no idea" what to expect, but packed enough #Teamaddi gear to give out at the concert. Full of excitement and curiosity, the family was invited backstage for an intimate meet-and-greet ahead of the show on Saturday afternoon.

"We were told that Luke was coming to meet us. Another "say what" moment, we went outside, and after chatting for a few minutes, he took us to the back of the stage," said Conely. "He chatted with Addi and hung on her every word," she added.

The "Forever After All" singer opened up about his newborn son, wife Nicole Hocking, and how his best friend was diagnosed with cancer twice. Combs did not fail to point out that he shaved his locks to show his endless support. The resilient mother said that the encounter between the two was emotional to witness.

"He gave so much love as we listened and cried with their stories they were exchanging," she declared. "This moment made time stand still. She was genuinely happy and so blown away by his kindness, honestly we all were."

Following the heart-to-heart, Combs provided the family with a large suite full of delectable bites and delicious drinks to watch the show from. Combs asked Addi to stand side stage for a special surprise during his encore. Before he closed out the show, the country phenomenon serenaded the warrior on stage to her favorite song, "Better Together."

"This is my friend Addi that I met today, and Addi's going through some health things at the moment, and I came across her on social media," Combs told the rowdy audience. "I had been tagged in a few things, and her biggest wish was to come out and see a show. So, we flew Addi and her family out from California to be with us in Columbus tonight, and I want to give her the experience of what it really feels like to be up here in front of 60,000 people tonight."

Before breaking into a powerful rendition of the chart-topping track, Combs asked his devoted fan base for one request.

"Addi's favorite song is 'Better Together.' So, I can only ask you one favor. One, that you sing along so we can hear you, and two I want every single person in here to get their phone light out so we can see. I want her to see that tonight. So, Addi, this one goes out to you, your favorite song, one of my favorite songs," he concluded.

As thunderous applause echoed throughout the Ohio Stadium, the two strolled off the stage sharing a warm embrace. Following the tear-jerking performance, Conely took to social media to recap the unforgettable experience.

"There was no talk of Addi's cancer, no talk of dying, and no talk of not making it to her 18th birthday. Her smile says it all! God was here with us, we felt him! In the laughter, the warm air, the smiles, and the soft hugs we were given all night long. Thank you Luke Combs and team for giving our girl the most perfect night."

Addi created her long-running bucket list when her terminal illness was first detected. The other items are named on her GoFundMe.

All generous contributions will help Addi check off each must-do adventure. Country music fans can give back, here.

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