Jana Kramer Talks "First Official" Spring Break With Children: "Yes A Few Tears Were Shed"

Jana Kramer seeks motherly advice on social media and dishes on her current relationship status.

Country music star Jana Kramer and her family escaped the cold to spend quality time in paradise. While basking in the sun, the "Voices" singer took to social media to give an update on their "first official spring break" in Cancun, Mexico, and what it has been like without ex-husband, Mike Caussin.

Although Kramer brought along her new boyfriend, Ian Schinelli – she told fans on Instagram that she was battling a mixture of emotions while on the trip.

"Our first official spring break. Grateful for the time and blessed to be able to have these adventures with them. I talked on the podcast about my sadness around this week, and though yes a few tears were shed on the episode and admittedly during these few days… It's still new," the artist said under a beach family portrait featuring her two children, Jolie (6) and Jace (3). "There are still firsts and sadness that can come along with certain things and this one hit me pretty hard," she pointed out about the quick getaway.

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Kramer continued to go into more detail about her rollercoaster-like emotions and how she is slowly adapting to her new normal.

"Sometimes "the story" and the feeling of "loss" of a "family" can come and go. Right? I tried to give myself grace though and see the beauty in the new because through every storm the sun starts to shine and you realize how you're okay and it's all going to be okay," she said. "And like someone just told me….The greatest gift you can give your children is letting go of what never was, thankful for what is, and hopeful for the true love to shine for them to see and mirror for themselves. #family #thestory #newbeginnings. Also if you listened to the podcast would love to hear ur thoughts as I'm hoping I'm not alone in the feelings," she concluded.

Devoted followers raced to the comments to show Kramer that she is not alone and confirmed that her wishy-washy feelings are valid.

"You're doing great, Jena. Remember you deserve happiness and love just like your babies do ❤️❤️❤️," shared a fan. "Definitely not alone. I've been divorced now a little over a year, and it still hurts from time to time. "The Story" still hurts, and I cry for my son and for me. Grief isn't linear, but you are doing a wonderful job," added a resilient mother.

Just a day after the vulnerable statement, the chart-topping artist uploaded a tribute post thanking Schinelli for being supportive and a great listener.

"I was happy before you but thanks for making me smile even more❤️. Appreciation post for @iansschinelli…he knew I had lots of emotions going into this week, and instead of making me feel bad or crazy for them, he listened and was there. What I've learned so far… it's not about perfection. It's about growing, learning and loving," the hitmaker said alongside a carousel of precious photos.

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Nine months after filing for divorce from former NFL player Mike Caussin – the mother of two got together with Schinelli and publicized their relationship in January of 2022. At a children's birthday party, the "One Tree Hill" alum met the Navy SEAL veteran and single father.

The supermom told US Weekly, that she could potentially see herself getting "engaged and married" again, but having a third kid is "off the table." The singer-songwriter has been transparent with her fans about her personal life on her iHeartRadio podcast "Whine Down" and in her letter-like ballad "My Story," which was released late February.

In a recent podcast episode, the singer revealed that she is on shaky terms with Caussin and how it has been a struggle to co-parent.

"We're doing an OK job. I'll just say this – I'm doing my part in what I can do to be a good co-parent. He has to deal with his own side of things. If he doesn't want to be good at co-parenting, that's his thing," she said about the sticky situation.

Fans can hear more about her personal life by subscribing to her wine night show on Apple or iHeartPodcasts. Kramer's raw single, "The Story" is available to stream everywhere.

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