Pat Green Turns Conversations Into Lyrics

New Album 'Home' Was Worth the Wait

Almost everything Pat Green says sounds like a country song. A really, really great country song.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Green talks about his hunt for a new record label and how he got so many of his friends to collaborate with him on his just-released new album, Home. But even when he’s just making a casual comment about something, I think, “That should be a song.”

Like when his father told him, “There’s only one thing you can learn from patience -- and that’s patience.”

And when he talks about waiting so long to release new music.

“You don’t have to take the first line in the water,” Green says. “You know, you can wait a minute.”

And as for his duets with Sheryl Crow, Lyle Lovett, Delbert McClinton and Marc Broussard, Green explains, “The older I get, my friends get more famous.”

And on his move away from major country record labels was because they only wanted him to make songs for country radio.

“We’re not going for that. We’re going for eclectic, just good songwriting, organic, more down-to-earth (music).”

For his duet with Crow on “Right Now,” Green admits it was inspired by his relentless pursuit of his wife Kori.

“I had to kiss her ass for a long time on that deal, but I didn’t mind,” he said. “I think that the mistakes and the screw-ups and the atonement and the fixing -- that’s the good stuff in life. That’s the marrow. How you come back is more important than how you got there.”

I repeat. He said, “How you come back is more important than how you got there.”

If that’s not the start of a great country song, I don't know what is.

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