How Connie Britton Stays So Rayna James

'Nashville' Actress Ready for Season Four

Sometimes Connie Britton sounds so much like her character Rayna James on Nashville, I literally cannot tell where one stops and the other one starts.

Especially because they're both gorgeous.

But while we may not be seeing Rayna every week this summer -- because the show won't start airing new episodes until Sept. 23 -- at least we can keep an eye on what Britton is doing to look so good.

“There is something about Southern beauty that is very meticulous and traditional," she told New Beauty magazine. "The East Coast and some of the other areas of the country are looking at different things they want to do and strive for. But there is something so authentically beautiful about Southern women and their approach to beauty.”

She admits that she eats right and isn't the kind of woman who would starve herself. Then again, there’s cake.

"I love cake, and sometimes, I eat cake -- even though it doesn’t always make you feel so great after. Same with steak," Britton revealed.

And even though she was really into aerobics in college, Britton says all those years of it made her hate the gym.

"I try to get creative about working out. I like yoga and I am really into Pilates. Anything that is outside, like hiking or swimming that serves the whole mind-body-spirit connection for me, is really good," she said. "I am also a huge fan of meditation.”

She's going to need plenty of that when (and if) Deacon comes out of his liver transplant surgery in the upcoming season of Nashville.

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