Country Duo O'Shea Reveals How Gwen Stefani Inspired Their Music Video For Single, "Neon Soul"

Mark And Jay O'Shea: "It makes us want to move our hips!"

Husband and wife duo Mark and Jay O'Shea has dominated the music scene in Australia, and become a household name on the Gold Coast. After scoring several Golden Guitar Awards, climbing to No.1 on the ARIA Country Sales Chart, and performing at the legendary Sydney Opera House, the two packed their bags to tackle a new challenge – Music City.

Since jet-setting to America, the two have become mainstays in the genre with their chilling harmonies and distinct country-rock sound. It's been nearly a decade since they settled in Nashville, where they managed to rub elbows with elite creatives in the industry and have become on-air hosts. During a recent interview with crossover artist Gwen Stefani, the couple were inspired to film their music video for the single, "Neon Soul."

"We had just interviewed Gwen Stefani at RODEOHOUSTON," the award-winning duo exclusively told CMT. "Her show was so full of energy that it gave us a huge vibe! So we decided to just hit the carnival and film!"

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The electrifying song "Neon Soul" serves as the title track on their new album. Mark and Jay penned the vibrant anthem alongside Lance Carpenter, who has collaborated with country hitmaker Kelsea Ballerini on the chart-topping hit "Love Me Like You Mean It." The introduction infused with Motown-like horns sets the tone, as Jay explodes into the catchy chorus that stresses the importance of having a good time and reuniting with friends.

The witty wordplay within the party track showcases their artistic versatility and impressive knack for songwriting. To bring their fun-filled lyrics to life, they decided to hit the rides at the world-renowned Texas fair. In order to paint the picture with neon colors, Mark placed his director hat on and turned their vision into a reality.

"We filmed it in the carnival of RODEOHOUSTON - the largest Rodeo in the world!" they shared, full of excitement. "And also at The World's Fair (Expo) in Dubai earlier this year. There was so much energy, color, and joy in both places, and it fits the song perfectly."

Their joy and free-spirited energy radiates through the screen, as fans will want to act like a kid again after watching the music video. From start to finish, the country couple is seen enjoying quality time with friends under the neon lights of the festival and munching on traditional bites.

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"It makes us want to move our hips!" said Jay about the feel-good clip. "It's so fun to sing and is a nice bit of fresh air for the rest of the album," she concluded.

Their fifth studio record "Neon Soul," includes 10 tracks that feature impressive melodic hooks, retro-pop musical elements, Jay's soaring pipes, and Mark's gritty country vocals. The recording artists are currently on their "Neon Soul" tour, where they will be heading back home to Australia to perform after three years. Tickets are available for purchase, here.

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