Chris Lane: "Everybody Has an Old Flame"

Waiting to See Who Digs the New Tune

Who will be digging Chris Lane's new "Old Flame"? Let me guess. All of Lane's loyal fans, minus about four or five ex-girlfriends.

Last week, Lane tweeted that he'll be releasing the new song, and a couple of days later I had the chance to ask him about it when he was in Chicago for a show on Saturday night (Dec. 9).

"Old Flame" -- written by Rodney Clawson, Matt Dragstrem and Josh Thompson -- is all about that feeling you get when you're back with an ex. In other words, nothing lights like an old flame.

"I feel like everybody has an old flame," Lane told me. "If you've had someone you've broken up with and then gotten back together with. Everybody goes through that. It's always a good moment when you've been away from somebody you loved for so long."

That's what creates that spark, he said, even if it might be destined to fall apart again.

"What I truly love about the song is the feel and the bounce to it, and how it makes me think about past relationships I've had," he said. And even though none of his real-life old flames have called him to ask who the song is about, Lane is hoping everyone will love it.

"I'm waiting for the reaction from fans. I want to see if they're digging the song," he said, explaining that he is starting to release new music song by song, instead of waiting for a full album release. "It's easier for fans to consume one or two songs at a time. Not everybody buys records, so some songs can get overlooked."

So in the past few weeks, Lane's let his fans in on "Old Flame," plus two other tunes, "All the Right Problems" and "One Girl."

"Already, people are showing up at the shows, and they know all the words," Lane said of the crowds at his headlining shows.

Before he arrived at his current headliner status, though, Lane started paying his dues opening for Dustin Lynch, Rascal Flatts and Florida Georgia Line.

"As the opener for the opener, that means I'm playing early, when the crowd is still getting there, or they might be stuck in traffic, or people are still in parking lot drinking," he said.

"But I made a lot of fans out there on the road at all those big shows, and that carries over to nights like this. When people show up every night and sing along on the singles and the album cuts."

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