Abbey Cone Talks CMT Next Women Of Country Tour And Her Promising Future In The Genre

Abbey Cone: “There’s just so many talented females in this town getting all the recognition they deserve.”

The word "yes" is frequently used by fast-rising artist Abbey Cone.

The Nashville-based artist with a voice as big as her native state of Texas is currently climbing the ranks in the highly competitive industry. Her clear vision for success is fueled by passion, but her fierce drive and wow factor scored her the opening slot on CMT’s Next Women of Country Tour.

When the offer to perform alongside platinum-selling duo Maddie and Tae came knocking on her door, Cone said it was a gig she couldn’t pass up.

“It’s a great next step for me,” Cone exclusively told CMT. “This is not necessarily a money-making opportunity for me, but that’s not what it’s about right now. It is about getting in front of people, connecting, and building. I think Maddie and Tae have a lot of female and loyal fans. I’m excited about the potential friendships. I love being on an all-girl tour,” she added with a beaming smile.

On the heels of touring with country upstart Brittney Spencer and numerous visits to the iconic Blue Bird Café, Cone revealed that she is a well-oiled machine on stage. However, she still hopes to find new confidence while on the 17-stop run.

“I am not insecure about being on stage. Although, I am looking forward to seeing my growth from show one to show 17, and feeling exercised because it is a muscle,” she explained. “Writing songs in town is very different than going and playing for random people in cities.”

Cone has embarked on the tour with CMT Next Women of Country colleague SACHA. Together they squeezed into a tiny van with their equipment to turn their pipe dream into a reality. The artists started the trek in Oklahoma, left a significant mark on New York City, and breezed through Dallas – Cone’s old stomping grounds.

“My family’s from Fort Worth. It’s really nice to play something in town. I haven’t done that in so long,” said the songstress ahead of the hometown show. “There’s just so many people in my family that have wanted to see me play.”

Cone acknowledged that she’s still “paying her dues” in the ten-year town. However, she is a different vocalist that left the Lone Star state at 16-years-old. Upon arrival, Cone received a publishing agreement and seasoned producer, Nathan Spicer, recognized her superstar potential. It wasn’t long until she released her debut single, “Rhinestone Ring” and inked a deal with Big Machine Label Group.

Following the love-centric track, sparks began to fly between Cone and Spicer. Their romantic relationship blossomed as they worked tirelessly in the studio to cultivate her critically acclaimed EP, “Hate Me.” The six-song collection lyrically and sonically embodies Cone at her very core – a strong singer with a storytelling soul. Her authentic approach drives the project, as she effortlessly brings listeners on a roller coaster ride through the triumphs and tribulations of love.

“The first project sounds like me, and it has all of my influences. I’m just really proud of it,” Cone clarified. “I pretty much wrote all of the songs in 2019, and we just cut it. It’s really nice to have it out and see it connect with people.”

Fan favorites such as “The One,” “Thoughts About You,” “King Of The World,” and more bring an unmatched energy to her live shows. The country mainstay does not depend on a full-set band under the spotlight, as she allows her crystal clear pipes and acoustic guitar to do all the work.

Although she has witnessed first-hand ticket-holders resonate with her stripped-down set and the intimate experience, she would like to learn from Maddie and Tae’s performing style and apply it to her own craft.

“I’m eager to watch their show every night and learn from them – how they perform and flow through their shows,” says Cone. “I always love watching experience performers, I am excited to see them at their best, and I would love to write with them…obviously,” she adds full of enthusiasm.

When Cone isn’t out on the road touring, she is placing her heart and soul on the writing table to cultivate her forthcoming collection. She confirmed that she won’t be rounding out the EP to make an album, but will be jumping into a “new era.”

“I am writing a lot right now. I am trying to figure out my mood for the next era for me,” she pointed out before going into detail. “I think it’s a little more introspective. I wrote a song. I can’t say the name because I’ve always wanted it to be the title track to my next project or something, but I started it when 2020 happened. It’s about my experience, where I came from, my roots, and telling my story a little bit more.”

Going into the next chapter, Cone said that her primary motive is to touch the lives of her devoted community.

“I want to connect with people on a deeper level, than just the surface,” said Cone with conviction. “I love a good party song, but I also love songs that make someone feel. As humans, all we want is to be seen and heard. If I can help others feel seen and heard, that’s what it’s all about to me.”

Cone has not solidified a release date yet, but shared that she will be playing unreleased songs from her vault while out on the CMT Next Women of Country Tour. Tickets are available for purchase, here.

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