Stars Play Would You Rather at ACM Awards

When I interviewed Justin Moore -- the Academy of Country Music's new artist of the year -- in Las Vegas this weekend, I borrowed his purple velvet Crown Royal sack. Then before I hit the red carpet at the awards on Sunday (April 6), I filled that sack with Would You Rather questions. Here's how the stars answered:

Justin Moore: "This bag feels awfully familiar. 'Would you rather listen to country radio that played only women or country radio that played only men?' This is in no way disrespectful to women or women's music, but I've always been more of a fan of guys' music. I don't know if it's just because I can relate to it -- and there are a handful of girls out there that I absolutely love -- but I've always been a bigger fan of guys' music."

Lee Brice: "'Would you rather have a hit song that your peers criticize publicly or a song your peers adore but never charts?' That's easy. I would rather have a song that my peers adore that never charts. I've had that before. There are so many of those songs we can't believe haven't been recorded before. I have a song on my new record called 'Panama City' that's been around for 15 years. No one had cut it. Those are the kinds of songs I love. It's a looking back on life and celebrating kind of song."

Brandy Clark: "'Would you rather have Luke Bryan teach you to dance or Beyoncé teach you to dance?' I've gotta say Beyoncé. If I could move like her, that would be amazing. Not that he doesn't move well. But she would be my first pick."

Shane McAnally: "'Would you rather have one hit song that crosses over to pop radio or a hundred hit songs that would never cross over to pop radio?' My feet are so planted in country music and have been for so long. So if I had to choose, I'd have to say 100 hits that would never cross over. There's room for everything in country music, but there's been a landslide of one thing, and so I think people are ready and hungry for something new. And that's always the moment when things start to turn."

Jake Owen: "'Would you rather go without the Internet for a year or go without music for a week?' I'd rather go without the Internet for the rest of my life than go without music for a day. I need music. There are times when I'm not having a good day, and then I'll hear a song that inspires me. And that changes my mood for the day. I think music does that for everyone. Whereas the Internet has become, just, garbage."

Kip Moore: "'Would you rather open for Blake Shelton or have Blake Shelton open for you?' I'd rather open for him all day long. Because there's no telling what he'd say about me if he opened for me. So 100 percent. I don't trust him enough to open for me."

Chris Young: "'Would you rather have one of the Teletubbies in your band for a night or spend eternity in the house band in a little honky-tonk?' I would choose the honky-tonk. Because that's where I got my start when I was 20, living down in Texas. Trust me, I enjoy the production and everything now. But sometimes it's nice to take it back down to what it was. That's kind of what we did in Europe with Brad (Paisley). We just took backline gear and opened for him."

Thomas Rhett : "'Would you rather lose thousands of dollars in Vegas this weekend or speak in an auto-tune voice for a month?' I would so much rather speak in auto-tune for a month. That would be awesome. I'd be T-Pain everywhere I went."

Brett Eldredge: "'Would you rather open for Blake Shelton or have Blake Shelton open for you?' I want to co-headline. Or if I had to choose, I'd love to open for Blake right now. I did that at one of my first major shows at the Ryman Auditorium. I would gladly open for him. We're all in this together, and he's always gonna be big. He's crazy like that."

Cassadee Pope: "'Would you rather be a good bass fisher and a dynamite kisser or salt of the earth and a real good dancer?' A dynamite kisser. Definitely." (After that answer, Pope immediately started singing about daddy's money, mama's good looks and more laughs than a stack of comic books from the 1996 Ricochet hit "Daddy's Money.")

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