David Nail Says His Undercut Is So Over

"I'm a man of change," David Nail joked. "And I'm very much a man of impulse."

That's what he told me just as I was telling him how cool his new haircut was. For him, however, the haircut isn't so new.

"When we were off the road last winter, I let my hair get really long. Longer than it's ever been," he said when we were on the phone talking about his new album I'm a Fire (and we got a little off topic) on Monday (April 14). But once it was super long, in the spur of the moment, he decided he wanted something drastically different.

"The girl who cuts my hair was out of town, but I wanted my hair cut right then and there. So I walked into a place, and there was a girl with pink hair, and I said, 'She's the perfect one,'" he recalled of the day he impulsively went for the edgy style. "I can remember her telling me that this was the trendy thing to do."

"This" being the man's undercut -- super short on the sides with the hair on top staying long enough for styling, and then no blending between the sides and the top. Like Macklemore and/or Brad Pitt and/or Jonah Hill.

"I have always envied guys who could run their fingers through their hair and then it would just fall back into place," he said.

And while Nail has loved the style for a while, because it's very easy to maintain and short enough to hide his gray, he said it's time for a change.

"I think it's reached the end of its road," he said. "I'm going to embark on a change, even though it's a commitment to grow it back out."

Nail added that he's heard that the majority of country fans want both him and Keith Urban to not look so clean cut anymore.

"Plus, my mom is not a fan of this haircut," he added.

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