'Nashville' Finale Recap: Season 6, Episode 16: Beyond the Sunset

Thanks for the Memories, 'Nashville.'

Can you feel hungover from crying?

Because that's exactly how we felt this morning after the beautiful tidal wave of emotions that filled last night's series finale of Nashville. Avery and Juliette decided on their future, Alannah turns the tables on Brad, Scarlett finds love, Daphne finds her place, Deacon reaches the pinnacle moment of his life, and just when you thought you had no tears left...

...RAYNA RETURNS. (In picture-perfect spirit form, of course.)

Here are some of the memorable moments from last night's final episode of Nashville. Sniffle, sniffle...

One for the Old Guard

Oh hey, Bucky! Thank you for convincing Deacon that he ABSOLUTELY NEEDS TO TOUR RIGHT NOW.

Best Buds

Man, we're gonna miss this friendship. Way to pull Gunnar into the light, Will.

You Deserve Better

And these two...sigh. It took long enough for Twig and Maddie to match up, but then...

A heart-to-heart with Scarlett shed some light on Maddie's feelings and path, and she realized what needed to be done.

Time to say goodbye. (Ugh, this was so hard, yet so the right thing to do.)

You're WHAT?!

Meanwhile, Hallie shed some light on Avery's situation...

Yes, honey, Juliette is pregnant and it is yours.

We had a feeling this conversation was leading to a good place...

Hint: It did.

Hand in Hand

This landed in a good place as well...look at these two.

Keep Your Hands To Yourself

In a far worse place across the state, Alannah has had ENOUGH of Brad...just when you wondered what would happen next...


And then this. GOOD FOR YOU, GIRL.

The Takedown (And Takeover)

Oh Brad, you've messed with the wrong bunch.


They're hear to take it all, Brad. Everything you own.

That, too. BUH-BYE, BRAD.

Shining Star

Spoiler alert: Daphne doesn't win the title of Nashville's Next...

But she remained true to herself and that makes her a champion and a real artist...

Who more than deserves her own record deal.

We Found Love...

We see you, Scarlett (and her real life hubby Brandon)

...Right Where We Left It (OMG, CONNIE)

THIS. This flashback moment to their wedding night stopped time.

Oh, Deacon. She's been there all along.

"You bet your sweet ass" we cried.

A Life That's Good

"Son, I know all your songs." PASS THE TISSUES.

You were meant for that stage, Deacon.

One last hurrah before the curtain closes...

What a run.

Goodbye, Nashville. We'll miss you forever and never forget the memories and moments.

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