Brad Paisley Shows He's a Team Player on "No I in Beer"

He says his surprise single "takes on a new meaning for me when I hear it now."

Brad Paisley is tapping into this moment in history with his new surprise single, "No I in Beer." Although he wrote it in 2018 with his longtime collaborator Kelley Lovelace, the song is particularly relevant during this time, where we're all spending our days at home with friends and family.

“People are utilizing this time to connect and to feel solidarity as human beings,” said Paisley. “This song wasn’t written for this specific moment we are all facing, but it takes on a new meaning for me when I hear it now.”

Paisley hasn't yet revealed any plans for a new album. His prior release, Love and War, dropped in April 2017, so here's hoping he'll serve up a round of new songs soon -- one that resonates with his fans around the globe.

“If we’ve ever felt unified as Americans," he adds, "as citizens of the world, it’s in the fact that nobody loves what we’re going through, but everybody’s willing to do what we have to do. One of those things is, let’s be a team.”

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