Dierks Bentley Confirmed His Tenth Studio Album Is Officially “Done” And Talks Touring With Ashley McBryde

Dierks Bentley: “I just can’t say enough great things about Ashley McBryde. She’s just awesome.”

Dierks Bentley has been bursting with creativity and gratitude since he stopped and smelled the roses in 2020. The platinum-selling performer recently caught up with Country Heat Weekly host Amber Anderson to discuss his feel-good anthem “Gold” and how it serves as a preview to his tenth studio album.

The country hitmaker told the popular podcast that the release of his latest single, “Gold” has been a long time coming, as he penned the reflective anthem alongside newcomers Ashley Gorley, Luke Dick, and Ross Copperman following quarantine.

The toe-tapper emphasizes the importance of living in the moment and appreciating the small blessings in life. Bentley declared that “Gold” sets the stage for his highly anticipated album, which is centered around the rollercoaster-like emotions he felt when live music was brought to a sudden halt.

“I was in Colorado, and everything shut down. We ended up staying there for a year, and some of my contemporaries were writing songs all the time and putting out material, but I put my guitar away in the case and put it in the closet for about a year,” said Bentley. “I really didn’t play any music for a year. I really just spent a year outdoors, intense family time, hiking, biking, and fishing. I needed to be away from the road and away from my guitar. I came back to Nashville in 2021 and was ready to start putting those experiences on paper. I feel like “Gold” is a great song.”

The Grand Ole Opry member continued to explain that the title track represents his relationship with Nashville and how the time away made him look at the bustling city with a fresh perspective. After fleeing the music-oriented streets, he discovered a new profound love for the genre.

“The time away really made me re-appreciate all the things I love about Nashville. The song is about being present in the moment you’re in. It was a good message for me, and that’s always a good sign. When it feels good for me, it usually translates well for my audience. So, really excited about the way it turned out lyrically, as well as sonically,” shared Bentley. “It also gave me time to reset and rekindle my love of Country music and a lot of the types of songs and sounds that I fell in love with when I first got to Nashville,” he added upon release.”

Gold” is one of the 14 tracks on the forthcoming collection, slated to arrive early next year. After nearly three years of making original music for the project, the country powerhouse told Anderson that it is officially complete.

“The album is done. I’m just wrapping up some collaborations and some final mixed stuff,” he said full of excitement. “It’s the 10th, so it’s got to be right. After my third record, I thought maybe there wouldn’t be albums anymore because of all the streaming and different ways to consume music. But they’re still making ‘em. As long as there’s still an opportunity to make an album, I’ll be doing it.”

The chart-topping vocalist is not just tying up loose ends before the release, but also on his headlining Beers On Me Tour. GRAMMY-nominated vocalist Ashley McBryde and breakout star Travis Denning serve as direct support on the nationwide trek. Bentley revealed that McBryde brings the high-energy show to the next level.

“Just watching her show, she’s so good,” he says about McBryde. “Such a great songwriter, she’s such a great singer, and she is so present with her fans in the audience and funny. Very authentic. She is who she is, and I think it’s why people love her.”

Bentley said that he invites McBryde out every night to deliver a fan favorite.

“She comes out and sings with me every night. We do “Bad Angel,” which is a song I recorded with Miranda Lambert and Jamie Johnson. She comes out and takes Miranda’s part,” he clarified. So, she’s just fun to have out on the road. I just can’t say enough great things about Ashley McBryde. She’s just awesome.”

Bentley and his gang are slowly coming to the end of their run. The “Drunk On A Plane” singer will take his final bow on Sept. 11 in Missoula, MT. For the remaining tour dates, visit

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