Alan Jackson Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Grand Ole Opry Induction

Randy Travis and Roy Acuff took part in Alan Jackson's Opry induction

Three decades ago, Alan Jackson was standing center stage at the Grand Ole Opry, being inducted as the Opry's newest member by Roy Acuff on June 7, 1991.

Jackson recently reminisced about that moment to the Grand Ole Opry, saying, "My favorite Opry memory has got to be when they inducted me. It was the night Roy Acuff stood there beside me, and I'm 6'4" and he was about 5'10" or something, and he was looking up at me the whole time, looking up under the brim of my hat when I sang 'Here in the Real World,' and it made me very uncomfortable and proud at the same time."

Randy Travis was part of Jackson's induction welcome, offering a glowing introduction for his friend and fellow singer-songwriter.

"...he's gonna become the 68th member of the Grand Ole Opry," Travis said during that induction. "He's one of the nicest people I've ever met in this business and probably one of my favorites, too, because he does the kind of music I like, great songwriter and wonderful singer, too, and a great friend, I'm happy to say."

Travis and Jackson have not only been longtime friends, but they co-wrote two of Travis' hits, including "Forever Together" and "Better Class of Losers," as well as Jackson's chart-topper "She's Got The Rhythm (and I Got The Blues)."

On social media, Jackson's team also shared photos from that milestone Opry induction.

Jackson recently released his 16th studio album, Where Have You Gone. This Country Music Hall of Fame member has also sold nearly 60 million albums and earned 35 No. 1 hits (including 26 Billboard chart-topping singles).

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