Blanco Brown Says "Nobody's More Country" Than Him in New Song

The singer-songwriter is also celebrating recently achieving back-to-back platinum-selling country singles

Riding high into the second half of 2021 is Blanco Brown, who, after recently achieving his second platinum-selling country single in two years, has released what could be a very apropos-titled new single "Nobody's More Country." In the jangling, ever-so-slightly trap-styled song, he offers that "four-wheel drives have [been his thing since 1999]," and that after [metaphorically] searching "from here to Georgia, Carolina to California, cross the hills of middle Tennesse, and mountain high in Colorado," nobody loves country music more than he does.

Couple this song's proud tone with the fact that Brown is rebounding from a near-tragic 2020 motorcycle accident, and the potency of his success becomes apparent. October 2019 saw his virally successful single "The Git Up" -- which Brown himself noted 'You couldn't take seriously, but then you can't make the song a joke either, because it was a smash' -- achieve platinum-selling success. Recently, "Just The Way," the crooner's Billboard chart-topping collaboration with Parmalee, was rewarded with similar acclaim. To CMT, while on the 2021 CMT Music Awards red carpet, Brown offered the following humorous note regarding how he's handled his surge in acclaim. “Well, funnily enough, each time I’ve heard that I had reached number one, I was in therapy…so, the news definitely made we want to...get up.”

As well, Brown was the featured artist for CMT's Juneteenth coverage. On June 19th, as the channel -- just like the rest of America, officially, for the first time -- celebrated African-American liberation, the singer-songwriter offered words of pride and promise to followers of CMT's social media.

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