LeAnn Rimes Talks Trauma, Religion and Collaborators on 'god's work'

LeAnn Rimes' new album 'god's work' is available now.

LeAnn Rimes' new album "god's work" melds her personal experiences, the transformation of her traumas, spiritual beliefs and a plethora of sonic styles and philosophies into a project that may be her most personal to date. She teamed with collaborators, including Mickey Guyton, Ziggy Marley, Shiela E., and Ben Harper to bring the songs to life.

Rimes chatted about her new music with The Ty Bentli Show on Apple Music Country.

"Religion definitely played a huge part in my own exploration of this record and what I believe it to be," said Rimes, who grew up Southern Baptist. The denomination turned her away from God, and she felt like it was tainted. 

 "I've been on my own spiritual path for the last probably 10 years, just trying to figure out what it does mean to me," she said. "It shifts and changes all the time, and I learn new things, and I'm one of those people that's incredibly open-minded and open-hearted to the inclusivity of everyone's beliefs. And I also understand that we all have a very specific lens that we view life through that's very unique to who we are, where all of our traumas and all of our lessons and all of our experiences really do dictate what that lens is."

As for her collaborations, she said she never thought she'd write anything that resembles reggae, but she looked at the Marley song in a "very Beatle-esque way."

"We're exploring such different world groups on this record," she said. "One of the first songs we wrote for the album was 'Throw My Arms Around the World,' and so there's such a tribal world exploration with that song, and so I knew I wanted that to be a focal point of the record. When we started to write 'The Only, I'm like, 'Well, let's take it down this reggae vibe.' Then when you have Ziggy [Marley] on it, he completely solidifies it."'

Dave Matthews Band's Stefan Lessard was the first person she asked to play on the album. 

"I was at a Dave Matthews concert, and I might have had a few drinks because I never walk up to anyone and then like, 'Hey, come play on my record,'" she said. "But I was just taken by him on-stage, and he just has this great groove, and I knew we were exploring all these different world groups on the record. I went up to him and I was like, 'Hey, I'm going into record soon. I would love for you to come play on my record.' He's like, 'Sure.' I thought it was one of those Hollywood 'sures' of, 'Here's my number, I'll never talk to you again.' Sure enough, he really meant it, and so we cut the first few tracks for this record, 'god's work.'"

god's work track listing:


the only (Ft. Ziggy Marley, Ledisi, and Ben Harper)


how much a heart can hold

throw my arms around the world

the wild (Ft. Sheila E. and Mickey Guyton)


god's work (Ft. Robert Randolph, Mickey Guyton, and Táta Vega)

something better's coming

imagined with love

there will be a better day

i do (Duet by Aloe Blacc and LeAnn Rimes)

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