Restless Road Discuss Their Friendship With Kane Brown, Developing Their Unique Harmonies

"It's been a crazy whirlwind," says trio member Garrett Nichols

Country vocal trio Restless Road is the first act signed to Kane Brown's new 1021 Entertainment label via Sony Nashville. Comprised of Zach Beeken, Garrett Nichols, and Colton Pack, they're seasoned songwriters with credits attributed to the likes of Rascal Flatts and Granger Smith. However, via their new single "Bar Friends," they're well on the way to establishing themselves as a group with a busy schedule and potential for greater success in the offing. While on the 2021 CMT Music Awards red carpet, they offered thoughts about their careers-to-date, future goals, and also something about how difficult the process is for three unique voices to achieve harmony.

In regards to how their long-standing friendship with Kane Brown eventually -- in 2019 -- developed into a business-based partnership via 1021 Entertainment, Garrett Nichols noted, "We've known Kane for eight years. It was unbelievably mind-blowing that he'd think of us for this opportunity. Since signing [to 1021 Entertainment], it's been a crazy whirlwind. We're back on the road in October for the Blessed and Free Tour, so it's going to be awesome."

As far as the long process that goes into a group developing the harmonies that lead to hit singles, Zach Beeken added the following:

"We've spent a lot of time developing this sound, working on the small details in our voices. It took us six years to get it right. We're not brothers, but we've been singing long enough now that we sound like brothers. One day, two years ago, we sat down with a bunch of new music, and it all truly, finally came together. 'We can really do the thing,' we said."

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