WATCH: Alan Jackson Gets Pranked in This Throwback Video

Jackson's wife and record label chief are both in on the prank

In the mid-1990s, Alan Jackson was already well on his way to becoming one of country music's most-heralded artists ever, on the strength of hits such as "Chasin' That Neon Rainbow," "Wanted," "Dallas," "Someday," "Home," "Chattahoochie," and more. Jackson had his breakthrough hit, "Here in the Real World," in 1990. By 1995, Jackson had already notched enough radio smashes to release a 20-track Greatest Hits collection.

In this throwback video, revered radio and television host Charlie Chase took viewers along as he and his team set up an elaborate prank for the laid-back star. The staff of the show Crook & Chase--in addition to Jackson's wife Denise and Jackson's label chief at the time, Tim DuBois--also got in on the fun.

Referring to Jackson's string of smash radio hits, Chase says in the clip, "We felt he needed a new challenge, maybe an alternative career like Hollywood heartthrob."

Jackson arrived at the corporate offices of The Nashville Network, under the guise of meeting about a future television project. Hidden cameras were placed around the office room, and as Jackson waits for the meeting to start, he begins watching what is--unbeknownst to him--a specially-filmed, false "episode" of Crook & Chase--an episode that has some very interesting news for Jackson.

Watch Jackson's reaction below:

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