Chris Young Uses Keith Whitley's Guitar to Write New Songs

Late Singer's Muse a Part of Young's New Album, 'A.M.'

Chris Young's new album, A.M., arrived Tuesday (Sept. 17), and perhaps no one was more ready for the release than Young himself. Putting this new project together has certainly not been an overnight process for him, but isn't that a good thing?

Taking the time to find or write the perfect collection of songs guarantees the album will be something truly special, especially if Young's original material was written on a guitar once owned by the late Keith Whitley.

During a recent interview with CMT Radio, Young told me he actually owns one of Whitley's personal guitars and found inspiration in playing the instrument once held by one of his heroes.

Young has been very vocal about his love and respect for Whitley, who died tragically in 1989 at age 34, and coincidental chance to be on RCA Records -- the same label Whitley called home. Being able to find and acquire one of Whitley's coveted instruments was simply the icing on the cake.

"I was just crossing my fingers there's still some magic -- some luck -- left in that thing," he said.

Something tells me there is, and we'll be hearing on it on A.M. So far, the fan support for the album has been overwhelming, with Young saying he's had a "lot of people messaging me, all kinds of social media, talking about they're ready for it, too."

Young resumes his work on Brad Paisley's Beat This Summer tour in October, but you can catch him Wednesday on ABC's Good Morning America where he'll perform his hit single, "Aw Naw."

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