Aaron Watson: "Two Chords and Sexy"

How He Describes His Passionate New Tune

Aaron Watson has been married for 14 years. He and his wife Kim have three busy kids, 8-11, with sports and dance and school commitments. And yet, the country singer's found a couple of ways to keep the fires burning.

One, he knows just what to do when life starts getting in the way of lovin.' "There's not a lot of time for the more intimate side of the relationship. We've got baseball, we've got ballet, we've got church -- it's like every night there's something. Every once in a while, I have to go, 'Time out.' I call my mom and my dad, like, 'Hey, can you watch the kids? I need to take Kimberly out on a hot date,'" Watson told Billboard Country Update.

Two, he wrote a song about it. His new "Run Wild Horses" -- which he insists is about love-making, not sex -- is one from his 2017 Vaquero album.

"They say that country music is three chords and the truth, but 'Run Wild Horses' is just two chords and sexy. My wife rolls her eyes when she hears me say that," he said.

And then Watson broke the lyrics down verse by verse to detail how it mirrors his relationship with Kim.

"The first verse is how it was when we first met: that passion, young lovers out on a dirt road, not a care in the world.

"The second verse is all the distractions that I have around me, but nothing compares to her.

"And then that bridge, it's like, 'Let's make time for each other.' It's definitely a love-making song," he said.

While Watson's wife doesn't share that part of their marriage on social media, she does tweet about their family and their faith. Her bio says she is "Momma to 4 precious gifts: 3 here on Earth, and our youngest daughter in Heaven. I love the LORD with all that I am." The Watson's daughter Julia Grace died just moments after she was born in 2011. "Julia came into this world with the sweetest little cry that I have ever heard, and then just like that she was gone. She was beautiful and elegant, and I am so grateful for the little time we got to spend with her. Like an angel returning home, she left us gently and gracefully without any real pain or suffering," Watson had written on his blog at the time.

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