Mickey Guyton Tells a Wild Prince Story for CMT's "Probably Shouldn't Tell You This" Series

Guyton recalls an early-career jam session with the "Purple Rain" singer

As we prepare for the Sept. 24 release of Mickey Guyton's debut album Remember Her Name, her decade-plus long rise to country acclaim continues to be a story at the top of country's headlines. However, in the midst of that rise -- as we learn via the latest edition of CMT's "Probably Shouldn't Tell You This" digital series, the "Black Like Me" single tells a wild story about a once-in-a-lifetime run-in with a legendary celebrity superstar.

"Prince, y'all," she excitedly exclaims in the two-minute clip, noting who the celebrity in question in the story would be. While spending time in Hollywood with a friend she describes as "beautiful" who was incidentally dating "The Purple One." They attended a nightclub one evening, and because of a "crime scene," the two could not access their automobile afterward. "So she called Prince to pick us up," Guyton continues, highlighting that he did -- in expected grandiose style from the "Purple Rain" vocalist, in a white stretch limousine.

The big punchline of the clip is Guyton explaining how she and her friend were whisked "upstairs or downstairs (she's not sure)" in a velvet-lined elevator to a ballroom outfitted with a Rhodes piano, drumkit, and microphone. Not shying away from the situation, Guyton -- after misplaying the drums -- approached the mic while Prince was at the piano and sang Aretha Franklin's legendary hit "Natural Woman." Prince, according to Guyton, was awed by the performance.

Aside from blowing away an iconic performer with her outstanding vocal instrument, Guyton has recently released the title track from her debut album, which is available for pre-order by clicking here.

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