OFFSTAGE: Jake Owen Shares Baby Details

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Jake Owen and his wife Lacey Buchanan found out they were having a girl on July 2. And on Saturday (July 7), I found out much more.

Like, do they have names picked out? "No names. Well, we have names we like, but we're gonna hold them to ourselves," Owen told me right after his set on the Brothers of the Sun show in Chicago.

And when's the baby due? "November." And now that he knows it's a girl? "I was scared at first, because I don't know anything about girls," he admitted. And how did they decide to learn if it was a boy or a girl? "I was like, 'Let's find out what the baby is.' I wasn't into the surprise of it. I was already surprised when I found out she was pregnant," Owen laughed.

So far, having a wife who is five months pregnant (and not really showing at all, by the way) has taught Owen to be patient.

"I'm a really impatient person in general. Very impatient. I got it from my dad," he admitted. "I like to have things my way, at the time that my mind tells me I want them. That's sometimes a big fault of mine. Lacey's taught me to be a lot more patient."

That will come in handy once the baby gets here. Owen said he thinks he'll be a good father, because of the role models in his life: his own dad, his tour manager, guys on his crew and Tim McGraw.

"Even doing what we do, guys out here show that it's possible to be a good dad. Tim was just outside working out, and he has his daughters right there with him," he said. "I just have to maintain my focus. I don't want people thinking this will deter my perseverance. That's why I love Lacey. She loves me and believes in me more than any person I've ever met in my life. Thank God for her, because she's gonna be an absolutely amazing mother. She's the most caring human being I've ever met in my life."

Owen's pretty sure his daughter will be just like her mom, too.

"She's gonna be cool," he said.

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