Danielle Bradbery Fully Realized

'The Voice' Champ Reinvents Herself on New Album

Danielle Bradbery, 21, says her new album I Don't Believe We've Met has opened a door that needed to be opened.

Bradbery co-wrote seven of the collection's 10 songs. And for those who only know her as the 16-year-old who won The Voice for Team Blake, her new music, along with her powerhouse voice, is a solid confirmation that she is a superstar of tomorrow.

The performances throughout the collection are flawless, and then there are the lyrics. Emotive, meaningful and full of unrelenting honesty, her songs reflect what everyone feels in their hearts; giving voice to emotions that are otherwise hard to express.

"I have a lot of emotion on this new album," she tells "And I tried to make it about the words and everything as powerful as I possibly could because I wanted it to be heard. I get a lot of fans who talk to me about their life, and it shows me we're all in this together. We all live life, and we all go through everything. I'm going to let them know that they're not alone."

In the piano ballad "Potential," co-written with Johan Lindbrandt and Emily Weisband, she openly tells a love interest who's not worthy of her time, "I'm not in love with you / I'm in love with your potential." Written by Josh Kerr and Weisband, "Human Diary" documents the tough realizations that follow a hard breakup. She sings, "How I hate it that you know me naked / I gave you everything."

Balancing the drama are the pop-leaning "Hello Summer," the R&B influenced "What Are We Doing" and the feel-good doo-wop in "Sway."

"Some songs are about speaking up for yourself and not being afraid to put your foot down and just be you."

Get to know the all-new Bradbery when I Don't Believe We've Met arrives Friday (Dec. 1).

Sway (Official Video) by Danielle Bradbery on VEVO.

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