Chris Stapleton: "Do I Think Black Lives Matter? Absolutely."

Singer Tells CBS That We All Have a Lot of Work To Do

This year has been one for the books. And in a recent interview, Chris Stapleton told CBS This Morning that that is not lost on him.

"You know, I thought we were living in a different country. And that's 100 percent real. I feel like the country that I thought that we were living in was a myth," Stapleton admitted. And when he was asked if he supports the Black Lives Matter movement, he was quick to reply. "Do I think Black lives matter? Absolutely. I don't know how you could think they don't. I think we all have a lot of work to do, you know, as individuals and as a society," he said. "And if you don't think that, I think you're not looking."

He called the protests after George Floyd's death a "broad awakening" in our country, and added, "I think everybody should be doing more. It's time for me to listen. And it's time for other folks to listen."

Since the start of the pandemic about six months ago, Stapleton has been quarantining at home with his wife Morgane and their five children, and said that all of the downtime and together-time isn't easy on their family or anyone else living through this year. "There's good days and bad days. If anybody tells you that they haven't reached a near breaking point mentally in these times, I think they're probably lying to you," he said.

But the silver lining of the 2020 cloud is that Stapleton has written and recorded enough songs to make a record. It's called Starting Over, and it's due out mid-November.

And while this year has been one of the roughest on the entire music industry, Stapleton sounds like he's still hopeful about his very long-term goals as an artist. "We all hope for that Willie Nelson career where we're, you know, 85 or 86, and we can go play as much as or as little as we want to.

"I think if I am able to walk out on stage and hold a guitar when I'm 85," he said, "I think that's probably gonna happen."

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