Tim McGraw's Food Lists: the Old and the New

He's a Long Way from Bologna and Whiskey Sours

I have in front of me a list of the foods that Tim McGraw eats. It’s from a story in The New York Times.

But unfortunately, what I also have is a very vivid memory and a tendency to take songs way too literally. So while he currently admits to eating the healthiest diet of his life, this is what I will always picture McGraw eating and drinking.

1. Pimento cheese, Domino's delivery, whiskey sours, apple pies, and finger lickin' chicken ("Hard on the Ticker," 1997)

2. Another supper from a sack ("Where the Green Grass Grows," 1997)

3. A fried bologna sandwich with mayo and tomato ("Back When," 2004)

4. A six-pack of beer ("Tickin' Away," 2002)

5. A bottle on the dresser by your ring ("Whiskey and You," 2007)

6. Sweet iced tea ("Southern Voice," 2009)

7. Beans and chili paste ("That’s Why God Made Mexico," 2002)

8. Supper on the stove ("Meanwhile Back at Mama’s," 2014)

9. Watered down whiskey and Coke ("Diamond Rings and Old Barstools," 2015)

10. Tequila ("Refried Dreams," 1995)

McGraw told the newspaper that he always watches what he eats now, but when he is preparing for some kind of event, he tries even harder to keep his diet healthy. There's a breakfast of oatmeal with dried cherries, walnuts and pure Canadian maple syrup, a lunch of avocado, tuna, apples, walnuts, eggs and some chiles, and a dinner of grilled chicken breast, spinach, asparagus or steamed broccoli. Plus mid-morning and mid-afternoon protein shakes. "And right before I go to bed," McGraw says, "I have some yogurt with granola on top.”

All of that is well and good for his real life, but I hope McGraw keeps singing about some of the vices he might have in his fridge. I don't want him to actually start back up on fried bologna sandwiches, but I also don't ever want to hear a country song about yogurt.

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