"Outer Banks" Actors Chase Stokes And Austin North Join Thomas Rhett On Stage For "Friends In Low Places"

Charles Esten exclusively dishes on "Outer Banks" and reveals what fans should expect from Season 3.

Thomas Rhett's Bring The Bar To You Tour made its way to Charleston, South Carolina, over the weekend (July 23) and it quickly turned into a star-studded affair. In the midst of the high-energy set, the "Slow Down Summer" singer invited Chase Stokes [John B] and Austin North [Topper] from Netflix's original series "Outer Banks" to the stage.

The Hollywood stars joined forces with Rhett to deliver a rendition of Garth Brooks' smash hit, "Friends in Low Places." A concertgoer captured the unexpected collaboration and released the clip on TikTok. In less than 24 hours, the video garnered 243.3K views and 26.9K likes.

"Alright, these dudes say they listen to country music," said Rhett to the rowdy crowd. "We're going to see what they got right here. Are y'all ready?" he added before passing the microphone to the small-screen heartthrobs.

Without hesitation, Stokes and North attempted to tackle the famed chorus. However, their off-pitch pipes and hysterical dance moves left fans dead in their tracks.

"Sadly, they did not step up 😂," shared a ticket-holder. "They didn't know all the words nooo," another one added.

Following the guest appearance, the actors stuck around backstage to spend time with Rhett's children. In a recent Instagram post, Rhett shared a snapshot of Stokes giving his oldest Willa Gray a piggyback ride and a silly selfie with his other daughter Ada James.

"Charleston, SC!!! Can we make this an every Saturday night situation?? What a blast! @hichasestokes @austinnorth55 @connersmithmusic @parkermccollum 📸 @graysongregory," Rhett wrote alongside the carousel.

Although Netflix has not set a release date for Season 3 of "Outer Banks," Charles Esten exclusively told CMT that production is officially in full swing. The country artist turned actor plays Ward Cameron, the evil father of Sarah Cameron [Madelyn Cline].

"We shot some things in Barbados, but now we are back in Charleston," he explained.

Despite Stokes and North's shaky vocals alongside Rhett, Esten shared that they would typically unwind from filming with an acoustic jam session seaside.

"We bring the guitar out, and we would play a couple of songs," he told CMT. "We would go near the beach, pull the guitar out at night, and drink margaritas and piña coladas."

Esten declared that the tight-knit relationship between the "Pogues" is real on and off the screen. The chemistry and energy between the cast were so contagious, that he thought the young actors knew each other before the show.

"As a group, they bonded immediately. I actually thought they had known each other," the "Worst Day" singer revealed. "I go, 'how did you cast people that knew each other' and they were like, 'we didn't.' It was only like five days, and it was already that banter and that rapport was all there. It was kind of magical…what was already happening off camera, they just let that get on camera. To me, that's the real gold of this show."

The action-packed drama was released at the height of the global pandemic in 2020. The coastal storyline quickly became a phenomenon and a must-watch binge during quarantine. Esten said he did not expect the suspenseful series to take off the way it did.

"That was the piece of the puzzle nobody could have guessed when we shot the first season," he recalled. "What I saw was these young actors playing a group that loved each other, my daughter Sarah. The creator's Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke amaze me.They all work together, and it's so intricate."

Following the shocking Season 2 finale involving the precious treasure, Esten warned fans to buckle up for the next episodes.

"That second season, we hit the ground running. Now you get to see what happens in the wake of that. I loved the ending of season two because our show turned into a morality tale. Ward has all the gold and the cross, right? Meanwhile, the Pogues washed up on some deserted island have nothing. Yet, they have everything because they have love and each other. So, I think that message hopefully becomes more clear. We will see where that war goes next… what happens when you have everything, and it means nothing. It's a cool story to chase down," he concluded.

The highly anticipated season will feature series regulars, including Cline, Stokes, North, Rudy Pankow, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Drew Starkey, and Esten. Netflix previously announced that Andy McQueen will be joining the cast as Carlos Singh, a ruthless treasure hunter from the Caribbean. Lou Ferrigno Jr. and Fiona Paloma will also make an appearance. Until TV fanatics receive the new season, they can refresh their memory by streaming the buzz-worthy episodes, here.

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