Did Garth Brooks Just Hint at Something About 'No Fences'?

Fingers Crossed That His Subtle Reference to His 30-Year-Old Album Means Something

Garth Brooks is almost always an open book. But sometimes, he seems like a man of mystery. And on Monday night (Aug. 3), he was a little bit of both.

During his Inside Studio G chat with his fans on Facebook, he was talking about the future and what it might mean for him, for his music, and for his shows.

“Now the real entertaining and the real big thing to me is getting ready to happen," Brooks said. "I just feel free. I don’t feel like there’s any fences."

No fences? Sounds familiar, right? It was the name of Brooks' second album, released in 1990, and remains his best-selling studio album to date. Because "Friends in Low Places," The Thunder Rolls," "Unanswered Prayers," "Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House," and "Wild Horses." (Ironically, No Fences never did have a title track.)

So maybe Brooks is going to re-release that album on its 30th anniversary, August 27. Or maybe not. Maybe I am just over-analyzing his every word. But I do love where he was going with the idea that he suddenly feels free.

"Now you just feel like whatever you choose, whenever you choose, it is up to you," he said. "That’s a fun thing. I don’t know why I didn’t feel that before. You and me, let’s get back out there. Let’s make some more memories. Better memories. Bigger memories. More fun. More intimate. All the good things.”

No Fences won album of year at the Academy of Country Music Awards in 1991.

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