Keith Urban Pulls in $8 Busking

Incognito Performance on Nashville Street Corner

He was singing “Wasted Time,” but by no means was Keith Urban wasting any time.

First of all, he earned $8. So that’s not nothing.

And he entertained all kinds of people passing by the sidewalk at 5th Avenue and Broadway in Nashville.

(Especially once they could see through the BNA cap and the blond wig. When I first saw the photos, I thought Eleven from Stranger Things had made her way down to Music City.)

Urban’s street busking endeavor Wednesday (Feb. 1) outside Legends Corner was not so much a money-making one, but rather a part of a video he was shooting for the upcoming Country Radio Seminar’s New Faces show.

It’s not the first time Urban has taken his hit songs to the street corner. He did it in Denver in 2015 and outside a mall in Sydney in 2010.

The man who took one of the now-famous photos Wednesday said he was on his way to play at Tootsie’s Orchird Lounge and happened upon a “sketchy drifter.”

“You know times are hard in the music industry when @keithurban is busking on Lower Broadway,” R.M. Brown joked on social media.

According to The Tennessean newspaper in Nashville, Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton are reportedly participating in similar CRS projects.

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