PHOTOS: Blake Shelton Surprises Oklahoma Tribute Band

Blake Shelton visited his Ole Red bar in Tishomingo, Oklahoma to see the cover band Blake Nation

While back home in Oklahoma for his recent birthday, Blake Shelton visited his Ole Red bar in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, when made aware of a unique special guest playing the bar's performance stage: Blake Shelton cover band Blake Nation.

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The band was founded in 2017 and includes Kymber Newton (Vocals), Robert Han (Guitar, Banjo), Dave Powell (Lead Guitar), Jesse McCall (Bass), Phillip Walker (Keyboard), and Quay Cooke (Drums). Plus, lead singer David Newton bears a striking resemblance to the "Austin" vocalist himself.

“The entire band was down in the green room, eating dinner and waiting for the show to begin,” the band recalled to Country Now. “As we were all sitting around, eating, and talking, we heard a knock on the outside door. A couple of us looked at each other puzzled because who would be knocking at this door?” As bassist Jesse McCall opened the door, a voice said, "What kind of bull**** party is this?" As Blake Shelton himself entered the room, the band says they were "[in] shock and frozen.”

Shelton spent time with the group and stayed for the act's sold-out concert. Impressed, he noted, “I like it when y’all play my music. It actually sounds like it should.”

As many are aware, Shelton's currently in the midst of preparing for his marriage to fellow vocal icon Gwen Stefani. The former No Doubt lead singer and solo superstar also threw a surprise birthday party for her fiancé. “HBD 45 BLAKE” balloons, a man dressed in a Superman suit, a gold crown for the birthday boy, and even a cake with Shelton’s face on it were included in the festivities.

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