'Redneck Island': Broken Dreams -- What You Didn't See

"The Most Irrational S*** I've Ever Seen"

Thursday's new Redneck Island was full of unexpected (and sometimes unfortunate) surprises. To start, Margaret's partner Dustin packed up and left with no warning, leaving Margaret partner-less heading into the second challenge. Luckily for Margaret, Steve Austin took pity on her and brought back the freshly-eliminated Cowboy to be her partner, creating the first all-veteran team.

Fresh off the crazy challenge "Floaters," Cody and Connar's backyard horseplay led to Connar breaking her ankle. Taking pity on Connar's partner Riley, challenge-winners Josh and Tuff sent Connar and Riley into the pit against challenge-losers Becky and Caleb. Connar was deemed unfit for competition, so she was sent packing. Riley made easy work of defeating Caleb, and Becky and Riley became the second all-veteran team of the season.

But what went on that you didn't see? We've got the inside scoop.

For starters, Connar wasn't planning to let a little broken ankle keep her from competing in the Pit, despite warnings from Nicole and Tuff. Take a look at what Tuff described as "the most irrational s*** I've ever seen":

While Connar may have been committed to giving her all in the Pit, no matter how disastrous it was for her ankle, Steve was not about to let that happen on his watch. Sorry, Connar.

Before Josh and Tuff even made their choice to send Riley and Connar in, Caleb (who was already Pit-bound) was asked who he wanted to compete against. Thinking only of his own odds, Caleb chose Dutch, which didn't go over well with Dutch's partner, Nicole.

Bo and Jorden were obviously very relived not to hear their names called out for the Pit. But they were more prepared for that outcome than we got to see.

No one was surprised when Riley took Caleb out, but we were definitely sad to see Connar and Caleb go. Let's take an extended look at their final thoughts before they left the show:

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