Ingrid Andress "[Refuses] To Fit Into a Box," Announces New Amazon Music Short Film 'Lady Like That'

Following her No. 1 hit "More Hearts Than Mine," Andress garnered three Grammy Awards nominations

Hot on the heels of her Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, country performer Ingrid Andress has announced the release of Lady Like That, an Amazon Music short film debuting May 14, chronicling her early career success.

"The film just explains where I'm coming from as far as being a woman in country music and a new artist," the singer-songwriter tells PEOPLE. "I think country is going through an interesting time right now as far as figuring out what it is." To wit, she adds, "In Nashville, there is this certain country path you take, which is like playing honky-tonk bars and singing about certain things. And for me, it started a little differently."

The "More Hearts Than Mine" singer is a Berklee College of Music graduate who double-majored in songwriting and performance. As well, prior to achieving country acclaim, she penned songs for a diverse set of artists including Alicia Keys, Charli XCX, and Sam Hunt.

Regarding striking out on her own path divergent from country's traditional expectations -- and advising others to do the same -- she says, "I'm just being my authentic self and want to connect with people that way," she says. "I'm never going to fit into a box just to fit in. I will always want to be my authentic self and connect to people through real stories, which, that to me, is what country music is. But I hope people walk away being like, 'Oh, it's really more about the stories and connecting more than it is anything else.'"

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