The Influences of John Prine, Luke Bryan Shine on Jordan Davis' EP

"Watching fans [connect with these songs and] sing it back to [me, will be] pretty special," says the bearded hitmaker

John Prine and Luke Bryan may be separated by a few decades as artists. Still, their influence shows as timeless upon the career of Louisiana-born country singer-songwriter Jordan Davis via Buy Dirt, his just-released eight-track EP.

The sudden and sad loss of essential country music performer Prine impacted all in the genre. On Buy Dirt, Davis covers the late vocalist's five-decade-old hit, “Blow Up Your TV.” The MCA Nashville-signed Davis tells Women's Wear Daily, “I was probably 10 years old the first time I heard a John Prine song and I haven’t stopped listening to him since. It’s one of my favorite songs of his and I thought it would be a good way to kick off this EP that means a lot to me.”

As far as his connection to Luke Bryan, that's a bit more humorous story. On how his collaboration for EP track "Buy Dirt" came to occur, Davis recalls, after a golf round one day [with Bryan], where "everyone on the course" beat him," he [talked with Bryan] about anything but music. A lot of people know Luke as the 'American Idol' guy and the country music star, but Luke really is a great dude, a great dad, a great husband and that’s what I wanted ‘Buy Dirt’ to embody.”

Regarding the collaborative process, it's a favorite part of the bearded country music hitmaker's recording process: “There’s nothing like going in a room with some of your best friends with absolutely nothing, talking for an hour and then leaving a couple hours later with a song. But getting on stage and singing those songs and watching it connect and have fans sing it back to you is also pretty special as well.”

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