Kane Brown Pranks Wife Katelyn In Hilarious Home Video

"This is what it's like at the Brown's" the country star posted.

As America prepares to enter what is hopefully the final stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, we're all getting antsy about spending our remaining days at home social distancing. Not unlike us is country star Kane Brown, who decided that filming a TikTok video of him scaring his wife would be entertaining -- which it is!

According to Brown, his wife, Katelyn is very afraid of the alien E.T.. Via his TikTok post, Brown wrote, "This is what it's like at the Brown's lmfao. My wife is terrified of E.T so we ordered the mask lmao."

The clip is set to viral social media song "Oh No" by Capone, and starts with Katelyn walking into a bathroom, where one of Brown's friends -- wearing an E.T. mask with a towel over their head -- crouches on the ground. As Brown opens the door, she's confronted with the mask-wearer and screams in shock.

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When not spending his time in quarantine or working on his newly-formed joint-venture label 1021 Entertainment with Sony Nashville, Kane Brown's released quite a few videos playfully pranking his wife. "I feel a payback is going to come your way Kane," one commenter noted.

Brown, Katelyn, and their year-old daughter, Kingsley, have been "hanging out at the house, doing what everybody else is doing, being bored to death," the "Worship You" vocalist recently told RADIO.com's Katie & Company. He continued, "We've really just been hanging out though, vacationing it up. Katelyn and I feel retired and bored out of our minds."

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