Dustin Lynch Sings Brad Paisley's Praises

Good to See a Fire Still Burn Like That

Has Brad Paisley gotten a little too comfortable in his role as a headliner? Does he just kind of phone it in? Not a chance.

According to Dustin Lynch, who is currently on tour with Paisley, the guy is never content to just rest on his laurels. Which makes him the best kind of role model for Lynch.

"What's most inspiring is that the guy is still trying to get better every single day. He's one of the greatest guitar players I've ever had the honor of being around, and yet he still nerds out over amps and guitars. He's always working on something and practicing, and he and his band still soundcheck for hours," Lynch told All Access.

Paisley still truly enjoys the playing and still loves the journey, Lynch said, and that's a good thing for him to see.

"For a younger guy like me, it makes me glad there's still a fire that burns like that, and that decades in front of me, I still have that to look forward to," he said. "It's not something that, after so many years, it has gone away."

And as Lynch pointed out, Paisley got his start two decades ago. Well, almost. Next year at this time will be the 20th anniversary of his debut single "Who Needs Pictures?" One of the first major tours Paisley went out on, about eight or nine singles into his career, was Brooks & Dunn's. And he probably felt the same about them as Lynch does about him.

"For me, it is really inspiring, and it makes me smile to think that if I do everything right like he has done, in 20 years," he said, "I can still have this much fun."

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