Chris Janson Shares Sentimental Story Behind Top 10 Hit "All I Need Is You"

Chris Janson says the lyrics to "All I Need Is You" is "pretty much" what he tells his wife every day.

Chris Janson's Christmas gift came early this holiday season when his song "All I Need Is You" became his first Top 10 hit at Big Machine Label Group and on his new imprint Harpeth 60 Records.

"I just feel really blessed, man," Janson said. "I'm just grateful to have another hit song on the radio and just love touring. You know me, nose to the grindstone and get the work done."

Janson wrote "All I Need Is You" with Ashley Gorley, Brad Clawson and Mitch Oglesby while he was in Florida at his family's home on 30a in the panhandle. Sitting on the back porch of his beach house, Janson looked through the window and saw his wife.

"It's a true story, just like the song talks about," Janson said. "I went, 'Damn, I truly think she's remarkable.'"

The songwriting appointment was on Zoom as his co-writers were in Tennessee. They were in the middle of writing something else, and Janson changed course to write "All I Need Is You."

"It's just from real-life snapshots of where I was sitting," he said. "I want to take a trip in a Chevrolet to a beach house down 30a," he quoted from the song. "We had driven a Suburban that trip to the house. And at the end of the day, 'All I Need' is pretty much what I tell my wife all the time. If everything went away, I'm good with it. Just as long as I have faith, family, and happiness, and that's what brings me the most happiness."

The song resonated at country radio from the very beginning, with it being the most-added song to country radio in its first week out, more than any other of Janson's career. In addition, it was the fasting song of his career on country radio.

Janson knows the song connects with fans but attributes part of its magic to Clawson's original demo of "All I Need Is You." While some songs take extra work, Janson said "All I Need Is You" sounded like a hit from the beginning.

"I think that at this point in my career, people really appreciate me for the authenticity factor," Janson said. "I walk it, I talk it, and what you hear is real, and what you see is what you get. That's a blessing in itself."

"All I Need Is You" is from Janson's album "The Outlaw Side Of Me," which is available now.

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