Will Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban Duet?

J-Lo Proclaims Love of Country Music

If Blake Shelton and his fellow Voice coach Shakira can duet, why can't American Idol judges Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez do the same?

Though absolutely nothing has been announced in the media, word is traveling fast that a collaboration between Urban and J-Lo could be inevitable.

Here's how this whole thing got started:

Lopez recently did an interview with PopCrush.com and revealed she is a "big country music fan." I mean, she gave a review of country music almost as glowing as that beautiful face of hers, gushing, "I love country music. I would say, you know, besides hip-hop, country is one of my favorite genres. I love it. I love the storytelling in country music. I love the lyrics."

Well, we love that you love our little format so much, J-Lo. And it's hard not to love Urban, so it's easy to see how working with him would be a dream scenario for any artist.

She went on to clarify her position on the matter by saying, "We haven't talked about doing a country song together, but we've talked about performing together." However, she added, "Maybe we should! Maybe that would be a good idea."

Shelton is featured with Shakira on her new tune "Medicine." She also worked songwriter Hillary Lindsey and producer Mark Bright, both a part of the Carrie Underwood dream team, on the track.

And before his collaboration with Shakira, there was Shelton's duet with Christina Aguilera, another coach from The Voice, "Just a Fool."

So, come on, Keith Urban and J-Lo! What's the holdup?

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