Up Close on RaeLynn's Ink With Miranda Lambert

Eighth Note Was Third Tattoo So Far

Remember when RaeLynn and Miranda Lambert got those matching eighth note tattoos? Well, I got to see it up close and personal, and I can officially report, it’s adorable. But like in a badass kind of way, if that’s even possible, to be adorably badass.

When RaeLynn was in the Chicago for Music in Our Schools program, she showed me the tiny tattoo just below her left wrist. She thinks it’s going through an awkward stage but knows that that’s normal. “I was looking at it yesterday, and it was looking extremely scabby and weird,” she told me.

“So I texted Miranda and Gwen (Sebastian) yesterday and said, ‘Please tell me y’all’s tattoos look like this.’ Theirs look exactly the same. So it’s going to be fine. It’s just part of the healing process.”

This was not RaeLynn’s first tattoo, so she knows that sometimes they go through an ugly phase.

The first one she got -- right after her 20th birthday -- is on the inside of her right forearm.

“Just to know that God’s always in control, and when I have stressful days, I just remember that I’m the daughter of the King, and I don’t need to worry about anything," she related.

Then on the left side of her torso, she has these words inked from the lyrics of her breakout hit, "God Made Girls." She had that done she when the song went gold.

Will she get any more tattoos? Only if they're meangingful, she told me.

Or, you know, if Lambert asks her to.

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